July 2014

Years ago we were colonized by foreign invaders with one sole reason — they fell inlove with our country’s beauty. To say the Philippines is beautiful would be an understatement; we are rich in culture and us Filipinos bear the warmest smiles. Minus the politics pls don’t even get me started

That being said, we commemorated what being a Filipino truly meant for our Rizal class. We only had a week left to practice because procrastination is the key to true friendship — a.k.a pointless but funny (nonetheless) late night group chat, etc. 

We were also supposed to go to the Intramuros but first things first I’m the realist and food comes first before anything else (bae lol). Long story short, we were late for the walk/parade + too lazy to function. Go figure.

❝ Friendship is not something you learn in school… 

 College has been really good to me. I feel like I’ve known these people for a very long time considering it’s only been 2 and a half months. I honestly admit that I sometimes have second thoughts wether to strive harder or not but I have to think for myself and future on the latter part. 

 I remember overthinking about college life and blogging how the thought of it triggered my anxiety & trichotillomania. Or how I didn’t get to the university I’ve always wanted to get in to. But hey, I’m happy and I could probably say that I am now the Silka that I’ve always wanted to be, how I’ve always wanted to show/express myself, how I want people to see and remember me; basically be the person I couldn’t be back in high school ((((hs was gr8 too but)))

 I also don’t participate much in school spirit activities because I find them…i don’t know?????? But yeah, Arriba! HAHAHAHAHA

 This blog is quite madrama but that’s probably my PMS fuelling it. Also, I’m bad at ending posts. I’m also bad at small talk cos awkward and weird and pa-virgin effect but yaaas. 

…But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything. ❞

July 2014
Gusto ko sanang sabihin na chix effects na ko ngayon kaso wag nalang hahaha.
this week’s episode of Me in College consisted of:
Me in College vol. 1
walang prof
walang prof
walang prof
nag aral ka ng physcis pero walang prof
rizal101 practice 
more practice
LRT hits with blockmates
R. Papa-bols

Gusto ko sanang sabihin na chix effects na ko ngayon kaso wag nalang hahaha.

this week’s episode of Me in College consisted of:

Me in College vol. 1
  1. walang prof
  2. walang prof
  3. walang prof
  4. nag aral ka ng physcis pero walang prof
  5. rizal101 practice 
  6. more practice
  7. LRT hits with blockmates
  8. R. Papa-bols

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July 2014

Happy List / Life Lately

Out & About with friends, sometimes CA1B — Bumped in to some of my high school friends who’re studying within Intramuros. Tuesdays and Thursdays are mostly spent at Page 1620 cos 3-hour vacant

#Realtak school play with friends! — “Akala mo mahal ka niya? Libog lang.”

Charades @ PE — I would like to thank not only God but also Jesus for lecture day because I really h8 PE with burning passion

Layouting for TG — Free day also means business and I’m glad I did a good job hehe

July 2014

Anonymous asked

Hey! I hope u don't mind me asking you a question. How is your mini cruiser? And are the rides long and smooth so that you don't have to push all the time like on a Skateboard. .. i would rlly appreciate your answer..(:

Mine’s actually okay! Ride’s smooth naman although (i think) you should push with a bit more force to get the lengthy-feel ya get what I’m sayiiiiing? But yeah, it’s an 8 out of 10 with the mini cruiser :)

July 2014

CET tips?

Do you believe in life after love? How about life after taking the UPCAT, ACET, USTET, and all the university tests na may T sa huli? So, what is life after CET? 

What is life after I took the UPCAT & USTET?

Wala, wala nang life after mag CET sa dalawang universities na yan. As I’ve said before, both schools were my dream universities. I already made plans for my future as if i know shit about life but then again, my life is a giant pun or so I’ve been told. But I believe that God has a bigger and better plan for me naman and all I have to do is stop complaining and be a bit more patient. Knowing me, I have tons of life goals but no concrete game plan but for some fortunate miracle, everything falls in to place nonetheless. 

I’m writing this to let you know that sometimes our expectations will never meet reality. When I was a senior I would usually answer “bahala na kung saan man makapasa” which is obviously not a good attitude. So basically keme-keme lang ako sa future ko and I forgot that high school ends and that I should decide and shoulder other things as beneficial as getting to a great UNI.

For you, If you pass then congrats! Galingan mo habang nag-aaral ka sa dream university mo. It’s okay if you fail, too because you can use it as an instrument for betterment. Ako? Letran was never really my first choice but I’m glad I’m studying there ((this isn’t a promotion lolz)) 

And since Jerm’s blog is an actual UPCAT Q&A page + CET tips generator, I’ve decided to make one too. Also, gupit matapang haircut niya ngayon HAHAHAHA

The Possible results…

Accepted/Qualified — Congratulations! Pumasa ka nga but always stay humble. Malay mo isang puntos lang sumagip sayo. Wag ganoooon

Wait Listed — Congratulations parin! Pumasa ka din naman, sardinas nga lang kayo sa dami. Minsan talaga mahirap makapasok sa course na gusto mo, kaya nga may 2nd choice pa. Also, if i’m not mistaken, it’s easier to get accepted through reconsideration if you’re wait listed.

Pending Case (UPCAT) — It’s either you passed or failed or you forgot to submit a certain requirement but be positive!!! 

Not Accepted/Not Qualified — Aray kuh bh3!!!!!!! I know dat feeling. Wag mawalan ng pag-asa, may reconsideration pa! Dito rin pinapanganak ang last resort sa paghahanap ng UNIs. Mas masakit to kesa sa heartbreak but I can reassure you that you will be in a better path :) Magpa deliver ka nalang ng mcdo at magpasalamat kay manong delivery dahil anjan siya sa panahon na kelangan mo siya. Yakapin mo siya at mag-i love you ka. Alsooooo, you can transfer to a new university sa 2nd year soz~

You can read all the CET tips on the interwebzzz but you also have to do your part. This was a shit blog post but I hope you get the point hahaha

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